Software Engineering Set 5 (30 mcqs)

1. Which of these following sensor is a useful as part of a burglar alarm system for commercial buildings?
a) Movement detector
b) Door sensor
c) Window sensor
d) All of the mentioned

2. Which of the following is not real-time architectural patterns that are commonly used?
a) Asynchronous communication
b) Observe and React
c) Environmental Control
d) Process Pipeline

3. A monitoring system examines its environment through
a) operating system
b) communication
c) set of sensors
d) none of these

4. Which of the following is applicable on software radio?
a) Environmental Control
b) Process Pipeline
c) Distributed system
d) None of the mentioned

5. An example of a system that may use a process pipeline is a high-speed
a) data distributing system
b) data acquisition system
c) data collector system
d) none of the mentioned

6. Monitoring systems are an important class of embedded real-time systems.
a) True
b) False

7. Which of the following is an example of a controller for a car braking system?
a) Observe and React
b) Process Pipeline
c) Environmental Control

8. ETL stands for
a) Data Extraction Transformation & Loading
b) Data Execution Transformation & Loading
c) Extraction Transformation & Loading
d) Execution Transformation & Loading

9. Control systems may make use of the Environmental Control pattern, which is a general control pattern that includes _________processes.
a) sensor
b) actuator
c) pipeline
d) both sensor and actuator

10. ________ can be associated with a separate processor or core, so that the processing steps can be carried out in parallel.
a) Process Pipeline
b) Environmental Control
c) Observe and React
d) none of the mentioned

11. The Unified Modeling Language (UML) has become an effective standard for software modelling.How many different notaions does it have ?
a) Three
b) Four
c) Six
d) Nine

12. Which model in system modelling depicts the dynamic behaviour of the system ?
a) Context Model
b) Behavioral Model
c) Data Model
d) Object Model

13. Which model in system modelling depicts the static nature of the system ?
a) Behavioral Model
b) Context Model
c) Data Model
d) Structural Model

14. Which perspective in system modelling shows the system or data architecture.
a) Structural perspective
b) Behavioral perspective
c) External perspective

15. Which system model is being depicted by the ATM operations shown below:


a) Structural model
b) Context model
c) Behavioral model
d) Interaction model

16. Activity diagrams are used to model the processing of data.
a) True
b) False

17. Model-driven engineering is just a theoretical concept. It cannot be converted into a working/executable code.
a) True
b) False

18. Which of the following testing types is not a part of system testing?
a) Recovery testing
b) Stress testing
c) System testing
d) Random testing

19. What is the recommended distribution of effort for a project?
a) 40-20-40
b) 50-20-30
c) 30-40-30
d) 50-30-20

20. A project usually has a timeline chart which was developed by
a) Henry Gantt
b) Barry Boehm
c) Ivar Jacabson
d) None of the mentioned

21. Who was first to proposed the Cleanroom philosophy in software engineering ?
a) Mills
b) Dyer
c) Linger
d) All of the Mentioned

22. How does Cleanroom software engineering differs from the conventional and object-oriented views ?
a) It makes explicit use of statistical quality control.
b) It verifies design specification using a mathematically based proof of correctness.
c) It relies heavily on statistical use testing to uncover high-impact errors.
d) All of the mentioned
23. Cleanroom software engineering complies with the operational analysis principles by using a method called known as
a) box structure specification
b) referential transparency
c) degenerative error correction
d) None of the mentioned

24. What encapsulates state data and services in a manner that is analogous to objects?
a) State box
b) Clean box
c) White box
d) Black box

25. MTTF stands for
a) mean-time-to-function
b) mean-time-to-failure
c) manufacture-time-to-function
d) None of the mentioned

26. The transition functions that are implied by the state box are defined in
a) Yellow box
b) Clear box
c) White box
d) Black box

27. Which of the following is not included in the certification approach?
a) Creation of usage scenarios
b) Specific usage file
c) Generation of test cases from the servers end.
d) Reliability

28. The __________ specifies the behavior of a system or a part of a system.
a) Yellow box
b) Clear box
c) White box
d) Black box

29. Which of the following is required for Certification for cleanroom software engineering?
a) Sampling model
b) Component model
c) Certification model
d) All of the mentioned

30. The philosophy of Cleanroom SE focuses on defect removal rather than defect avaoidance.
a) True
b) False


1-d 2-a 3-c 4-b 5-b
6-a 7-d 8-a 9-d 10-a
11-d 12-b 13-d 14-a 15-b
16-a 17-b 18-d 19-a 20-a
21-d 22-d 23-a 24-a 25-b
26-b 27-c 28-d 29-d 30-b
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