English Set 1 (20 mcqs)

1.    The swimming pool —- at 9 o’clock and —- at 18.30 every day.
A) is opening / is closing
B) opens / closes
C) has opened / has closed
D) opened / closed

2. The Olympic Games —- place every four years.
A) have taken
B) are taking
C) take
D) took.

3. Look! That man —- to open the door of your car.
A) tries
B) has been trying
C) tried
D) is trying

4. Look at the river. It —- very fast today – much faster than usual.
A) flows
B) has been flowing
C) is flowing
D) flowed

5. We usually —- vegetables in our garden but this year we —- any.
A) are growing / don’t grow
B) grew / haven’t grown
C) grow / aren’t growing
D) grow / don’t grow

6. Usually I —- parties but I —- this one very much.
A) enjoy / am not enjoying
B) am enjoying / haven’t enjoyed
C) enjoy / don’t enjoy
D) enjoyed / haven’t enjoyed

7. It —- quite often in Britain during the winter.
A) is snowing
B) snows
C) has been snowing
D) has snowed

8. Normally I —- to bed at around 11.30 every night.
A) am going
B) have been going
C) go
D) have gone

9. There is something wrong with Lynne’s car at the moment so she —- to work by bus this week.
A) has been going
B) goes
C) went
D) is going

10. The River Thames —- through London.
A) is flowing
B) has been flowing
C) flows
D) has flowed

11. The plane ——————– at 4.30 pm.
a) arrive
b) arrives
c) will arrive
d) has arrive

12. I will call you when I ——————- back.
a) will come
b) comes
c) come
d) had come

13. We ——————– the Smiths this evening.
a) visit
b) visits
c) are visiting
d) have visited

14. Look at the sky. It ——————– rain.
a) is going to
b) will rain
c) would rain
d) was going to

15. The train ———————- before we reach the station.
a) arrives
b) arrive
c) would arrive
d) will have arrived

16. Perhaps we ——————— our grand parents this week.
a) will visit
b) visit
c) visited
d) would have visited

17. The next term ———————- on 16th September.
a) begin
b) begins
c) will begin
d) has begun

18. I am sure he ——————
a) come
b) comes
c) will come
d) will

19. I ——————– you one of these days.
a) will have seen
b) will be seeing
c) see
d) would see

20. Hurry up! The program ———————
a) will start
b) is about to start
c) would start
d) is starting


1.B 2.C 3.D 4.C 5.C 6.A
7.B 8.C 9.D 10.C 11.A 12.B
13.C 14.A 15.D 16.A 17.A 18.C
19.B 20.B
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