Artificial Intelligence Set 2 (30 mcqs)

1.Which search is equal to minimax search but eliminates the branchesthat can’t influence the final decision?
a) Depth-first search
b) Breadth-first search
c) Alpha-beta pruning
d) None of the mentioned

2.    Which values are independant in minimax search algorithm?
a) Pruned leaves x and y
b) Every states are dependant
c) Root is independant
d) None of the mentioned

3.To which depth does the alpha-beta pruning can be applied?
a) 10 states
b) 8 States
c) 6 States
d) Any depth

4.Which search is similar to minimax search?
a) Hill-climbing search
b) Depth-first search
c) Breadth-first search
d) All of the mentioned

5.Which value is assigned to alpha and beta in the alpha-beta pruning?
a) Alpha = max
b) Beta = min
c) Beta = max
d) Both a & b

6.Where does the values of alpha-beta search get updated?
a) Along the path of search
b) Initial state itself
c) At the end
d) None of the mentioned

7.How the effectiveness of the alpha-beta pruning gets increased?
a) Depends on the nodes
b) Depends on the order in which they are executed
c) Both a & b
d) None of the mentioned

8.What is called as transposition table?
a) Hash table of next seen positions
b) Hash table of previously seen positions
c) Next value in the search
d) None of the mentioned

9.Which is identical to the closed list in Graph search?
a) Hill climbing search algorithm
b) Depth-first search
c) Transposition table
d) None of the mentioned

10.Which function is used to calculate the feasibility of whole game tree?
a) Evaluation function
b) Transposition
c) Alpha-beta pruning
d) All of the mentioned

11.What is the action of task environment in artificial intelligence?
a) Problem
b) Solution
c) Agent
d) Observation

12.What is the expansion if PEAS in task environment?
a) Peer, Environment, Actuators, Sense
b) Perceiving, Enivornment, Actuators, Sensors
c) Performance, Environment, Actuators, Sensors,
d) None of the mentioned

13.What kind of observing environments are present in artificial intelligence?
a) Partial
b) Fully
c) Learning
d) Both a & b

14.What kind of environment is strategic in artificial intelligence?
a) Deterministic
b) Rational
c) Partial
d) Stochastic

15.What kind of environment is crossword puzzle?
a) Static
b) Dynamic
c) Semidynamic
d) None of the mentioned

16.What kind of behavior does the stochastic environment posses?
a) Local
b) Deterministic
c) Ratioanl
d) Primary

17.Which is used to select the particular environment to run the agent?
a) Environment creator
b) Environment Generator
c) Both a & b
d) None of the mentioned

18.Which environment is called as semidynamic?
a) Environment does not change with the passage of time
b) Agent performance changes
c) Environment will be changed
d) Both a & b

19.Where does the performance measure is included?
a) Rational agent
b) Task environment
c) Actuators
d) Sensor

20.Which is used to provide the feedback to the learning element?
a) Critic
b) Actuators
c) Sensor
d) None of the mentioned

21.Given a stream of text, Named Entity Recognition determines which pronoun maps to which noun.
a) False
b) True

22.Natural Language generation is the main task of Natural language processing.
a) True
b) False

23.OCR (Optical Character Recognition) uses NLP.
a) True
b) False

24.Parts-of-Speech tagging determines
a) part-of-speech for each word
b) part-of-speech for each word dynamically as per sentence structure and meaning
c) all part-of-speech for a specific word given as input
d) all of the mentioned

25.Parsing determines Parse Trees (Grammatical Analysis) for a given sentence.
a) True
b) False

26.IR (information Retrieval) and IE (Information Extraction) are the two same thing.
a) True
b) False

27.Many words have more than one meaning; we have to select the meaning which makes the most sense in context. This can be resolved by
a) Fuzzy Logic
b) Word Sense Disambiguation
c) Shallow Semantic Analysis
d) All of the mentioned

28.Given a sound clip of a person or people speaking, determine the textual representation of the speech.
a) Text-to-speech
b) Speech-to-text

29.Speech Segmentation is a subtask of Speech Recognition.
a) True
b) False

30. In linguistic morphology, _____________ is the process for reducing inflected words to their root form.
a) Rooting
b) Stemming
c) Text-Proofing
d) Both a & b


1-c 2-a 3-d 4-b 5-d
6-a 7-a 8-b 9-c 10-a
11-a 12-c 13-d 14-a 15-a
16-a 17-b 18-d 19-b 20-a
21-a 22-a 23-a 24-b,c 25-a
26-b 27-b 28-b 29-a 30-b
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